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 DIY LED lights

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PostSubject: DIY LED lights   DIY LED lights Icon_minitimeJuly 31st 2011, 2:33 am

Having tried those LED replacement turn signal and tail light bulbs, which cost a good few bucks each, and really aren't bright enough in the daytime, I've started experimenting with making my own. I've ordered an assload of white 5mm LEDs and 82 ohm resistors off of eBay. I put 4 white LEDs in series and add the resistor, allowing me a max voltage of around 14.5v, but will still be bright enough down to about 12v.

For my guinea pig, I pulled one of the tail light enclosures off my GL wagon. I wanted to just be able to drill my holes directly through the back, but the stupid metal reflectors inside caused problems. Instead, I cut most of the back of the light housings out so that I could tear out the metal reflector. Then I used some aluminum left over from a computer case to patch the hole. I then drilled a ton of 3/16" holes in the aluminum, inserted my LEDs, soldered them in rows in series, and then down the sides in parallel. Tested it with my battery charger at only 12v and it is VERY BRIGHT, even in a well lit room.

Gotta solder on the wiring connector that plugs back into the car, and then we'll be set!

Next project will be to redo the dome light, dash backlights, parking lights, and upper brake light. Already redid the bulbs in my factory stereo, as the stock ones had burned out, and it looks great now!

So anyone interested in doing some LED mods to their ride, hit me up.
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DIY LED lights
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