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 what direction

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Age : 42
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Location : 2 cars ahead and pullin bus lengths

PostSubject: what direction   March 31st 2010, 9:14 am

im just curious as to what everyone hopes this club turns into in the long run...
i'll go first.. we are all alittle different, some more than others but thats okay.
i really like the direction this is going. people reach-out, people help.
when someone is down, others help pick them back up.
when we get together, there is no violence, no hate, or animosity.
if there is a problem, someone quickly steps in and gets it steered back in the right direction.
im proud to be apart of this club, and i appreciate the openness when i joined from the others in this club before me, thank you.
i hope this club goes the distance, with it taking in new members on a regular basis, it can be nurtured and raised to be a truly great club.
i look forward to seeing how big this thing gets, and how strong we can become as a community of individuals with a common thing between us, cars.
thanks mike, for starting something bigger than all of us combined. King
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Age : 38
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Location : OKC, Oklahoma

PostSubject: Re: what direction   March 31st 2010, 10:16 am

I totally agree with you Josh. This is an awesome thing. This give people that don't know much about ccars to learn a ton, and those who know a lot, to share their knowledge freely with others. I think there is a great opportunity for everyone to grow and get to know the local car guys. I would love to see it grow state wide and even further. If we get a big enough following we could start having meets once every couple months, in different cities. This is the type of thing I love doing.
I don't know about everyone else, but for me, cars are a hobby I enjoy and would be willing to help anyone with mods, advice, help with repairs, etc... It's nice to have people with the knowledge to fix problems at no cost, rather than taking your car somewhere and spending a ton of cash to fix it. Plus there are likely people here with hook-ups to deals on better priced parts and other services. This gives our car community on here the opportunity to keep their vehicle rolling at minimal cost.
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04 Wagon Boy

Age : 27
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Location : Billings/Bozeman

PostSubject: Re: what direction   March 31st 2010, 11:20 am

I love this forum. I have yet to meet any of you yet. Actually, I think Josh(turbotudor) checked out my brakes one time at LP Anderson. Wasn't much of a "meet" I guess you could say.

I would like to see this community giving back to each other. When someone needs help, I'm sure there is someone here that can lend a hand.

Personally, I would like to learn more about other cars, not just my Wagon. It would be nice working on something else for a change. I want to know as much as I can about cars because it's something I love. Our love for cars brings us together. I hope everyone can always remember that's why we are here: WE LOVE CARS.

There doesn't need to be any shit talking, hatred, or animosity towards anyone. So far so good! I hope things stay like that.
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b1r - TS

Age : 35
Join date : 2009-09-28
Posts : 625
Location : Billings

PostSubject: Re: what direction   March 31st 2010, 11:23 am

We all are different and have different opinions... so there will be arguments and there will be times when we want to strangle each other. But I hope that we over look that and can build this group so that we progress motorsports in Montana.

When I lived in SLC there where tons of track days, tons of drag races, tons of SCCA events and all that happened because people supported the ideas. Now here in Montana, we have SCCA, drag races, and lewistown. However I would say that all 3 of those events are under supported. Why.... I am not sure but I hope this forum is a way to build up all of those and we can have more and more car things to look forward too. All of the other items mentioned above are extra benefits in my mind. But in the end I hope to see the events grow, because the local community gets behind them and supports them.

Use SCCA for example, how awesome would it be if we could get enough momentum back into it that we had events at the metra and hill climbs again. It's not going to happen without people spreading the word and getting more involved.

So thanks Mike for starting up the Lewistown stuff and getting the forum together... I hope it continues to grow.

There is still a huge lack in the membership locally here in Billings. We have one evo owner on here and i know there is several more driving around town. And we have only a few honda's and I am not sure I can even count how many there are locally. (maybe this is an area we can grow quickly)
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Age : 37
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Location : Shepherd, Montana

PostSubject: Re: what direction   March 31st 2010, 12:21 pm

I agree about the lack of support with car related activities around this area. I am not sure who I would talk to about getting the Metra for a day, but I guess anything is worth a shot. More than likely we would have to get the SCCA involved for help in the cone department, but what a sweet day that would be.

I remember back in 2005 when I did both the Metra meet and the Black Otter Hill Climb. Those are some really fun races and I will never forget flying up that hill doing over 60mph (I have it on film), not to I got a 1st place plack.

Maybe we should try and have a get together and throw out some ideas for future events. Even if we can somehow get the hookup for a parking lot to try and get the SCCA going in a better direction, that would be great.

I could not be happier about how the club is growing so rapidly. I really think we have a great group of guys/gals on here and hope to double our members by the end of Summer.

Thanks to everyone that uses this forum constructively and especially my moderators for having their mitts in all the posts.

Michael Card - Site Administator
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PostSubject: Re: what direction   

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what direction
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