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 How to create your 'AVATAR'

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How to create your 'AVATAR' Empty
PostSubject: How to create your 'AVATAR'   How to create your 'AVATAR' Icon_minitimeSeptember 26th 2009, 2:59 pm

First off, there is a loop hole in the design for the avatar. If you use the option 'link to an off site avatar' it will post no matter what the size is. You must choose one of the other two options, as they both make you upload to the server. The problem is there are restrictions on size (125x100) and if you link off another site it will not manage it. So please, do not link unless it is within the 125x100, just upload it to the server, that is why I bought all the drive space.

1. Click the 'Profile' link.

2. Click 'Avatar' just below the title bar.

3. Choose which option for upload and click 'save'.

Please do not link large pics as I will have to disable the feature. Just upload to the server.

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How to create your 'AVATAR'
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